We offer individual, couples, and family counselling.

We offer individual, couples, and family counselling.

We offer individual, couples, and family counselling.

Giselle Ruemke, MA, RCC, Registered Clinical Counsellor at Heart of the Matter Counselling in Victoria, BC. Issues: Self Esteem, Relationship, Grief and Loss, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Highly Sensitive Person, HSP, Trauma, PTSD, Transitions, Parenting, Anger Management, Family Counselling, Youth, Adolescents, Teens, Trans, GLBT, Poly, Sexuality, Chronic Health, Disability, Chronic Illness, Managing Stress, Self Love. Approaches: Family Systems Theory, Narrative, Hakomi, Person-Centered, Mindfulness-based, Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioural, Client Directed Outcome Informed Therapy, Gestalt, Existential and Response-Based Therapies, and Somatic Experiencing techniques.
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Individual Counselling

Many of life’s problems stem from a disrupted connection with one's self. This may occur as a result of trauma, loss, deprivation, or other adversity.  Individual therapy is a powerful avenue of self care, and can provide a space for you to better connect with and deepen your compassion and understanding for yourself and others, heal past injuries, and bring the next steps in reachable vicinity.  It provides a means of applying existing strengths and competencies, and building new ones, to help clarify your true desires, and actively create positive potentials, so that you can live your life to the fullest. Individual counselling is offered by both Monika and Giselle.

Couples Counselling

As complicated as life can be just as individuals, it gets even more complex in our intimate relationships. From challenges with communication, distribution of household labour, and how to spend free time, to finances, parenting, and intimacy, there is no shortage of avenues for conflict. Conflict is a normal and necessary part of relationships. Destructive forms of communication and conflict, however, can threaten the health of the relationship and the individuals involved.


In couples counselling, partners can learn how to foster mutual understanding, gain clarity and learn tools for effective communication. Addressing destructive communication and conflict as early as possible will strengthen the health of your relationship.

If you are at a point where you decide to un-couple, finding a way of dissolving a relationship with mutual understanding and respect can help the process of separation, any continued shared responsibilities regarding children, and allow each person to cherish what was positive in the relationship and the other person.

Giselle has specialized post graduate training providing her with the skills to support you as a couple in the above issues and beyond.

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Family Counselling

Family struggles can be challenging to see clearly and respond to effectively when you are in the middle of them. Compassionate guidance and experienced support can help. Giselle offers family counselling.

Each family member is encouraged to both listen and speak and to see the role they play in how the family functions. Careful consideration is given to each of your family member’s needs, both obvious and underlying. This can have a significant and lasting positive impact on the way the members of your family communicate and interact.

As humans we are social beings in our very core. Our relationships with our family of origin serve as the blueprint for our subsequent relationships. Improving these relationships by finding constructive ways to solve conflict and increasing mutual understanding is a learning experience that will benefit future relationships as well. Although we can't change our past, it is never too late to influence our patterns by reflecting on and gaining a fuller understanding of our own early relationships and the often strong emotions that have resulted from them.